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History of the Youth Congress

The World Zoroastrian Youth Congress is an event that aims to bring together the Zoroastrian youth from around the world to discuss, inspire and take an active role and interest in the future of our Zoroastrian community.


The Youth Congress is held every four years with the first being held over 25 years ago. Every four years a host country is selected and the Zoroastrian youth of that country come together to organise this event. Over the years these congresses have brought together hundreds of Zoroastrian youth and enabled them to meet others, whom they may not have had the opportunity to network with previously, as well as collaborate and work towards the challenges we face as a community. The intended age of these youth range from 18 to 35 years of age.


We are extremely privileged that the UK and our host body, the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe (ZTFE) have been awarded the 8WZYC and we endeavour to build upon the success of previous congresses.

Establishing the Legacy

The 2nd World Zoroastrian Youth Congress was hosted in London, England in 1997 – thus establishing the legacy of the Congress in one of the most prominent capital cities. Now, more than a quarter-century later, we are proud to once again host the 8WZYC in London in 2023. The 8WZYC has the primary aim "to inspire young Zoroastrians across the globe to continuously embody the sacred tenants of our religion and effect meaningful change in our world."


In July 2023, over six days, approx 500 delegates between approx 18-35 years of age are expected to attend the 8WZYC. Throughout the 8WZYC, delegates will explore a range of topics; these will be thematically linked to the values of diversity, inclusivity, accessibility, and sustainability. These reflect both the pressing challenges impacting the world today and the ethos of the organisers of the 8WZYC. The event will provide a forum for the dynamic voices of young Zoroastrians to be amplified and where our youth can engage with one another and unite as the future of our community.


Events and Activities

The vision for the 8WZYC is to help build lasting connections among the youth, by enabling delegates to engage with global initiatives, hear from a range of inspiring speakers and become active participants in meaningful conversations on the future of our community. The organisers have developed a schedule of speaker sessions, interactive plenaries and engaging workshops so that all participants may have an educational and memorable experience at the Congress. There will be discussions on topics such as human rights, Zoroastrian health, creative arts and environmental sustainability, amongst others.


To ensure the 8WZYC is accessible and inclusive, it is essential that the event is affordable for delegates of all backgrounds. Achieving this goal, requires the financial contributions and in-kind support of Zoroastrians across the world and we would be greatly appreciative of all the support one can give- no matter how small or large.

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